Monday, September 12, 2011

27 years of God's faithfulness (Part 2)

one of my newest "baby" a.k.a disciple: Jemelyn

the one who's discipling me, Teacher Carol

my lovelife


my answered prayer cake (like last yr) courtesy of T.Carol

sarap ng icing! hehe

kailangan masaya habang naghahati ng cake! wahehe

L-R: Me, T. Carol, Mommy Bbeth and Jem

Impromptu bday greeter Najee Chua

my dear brother Strong Sabio
"candid shot" with my beloved

my dear disciple Mary Ann

a surprise gift from Connect courtesy of Ann

"Sana'y wala nang wakas" hahaha! telenovela?!

gift from my dear disciple....

Carmie and her daughter Charlize (sakanya galing yung MS gift)

perfume from Mommy Bbeth

Ate Lea, very sweet of you! Thanks for the flowers! Aylabit! :)

Kami ang mga natira. Love these peeps!

one more!

with Ann and Carmie

Sa mahabang escalator ng Shang. :)

my two sisters (Raya biological and Mich Sis-in-Christ)

we love CBTL! :)

my dear disciple Olive who came VERY late! Haha! Peace!

CONNECT's next top models daw
influence ng mga fashion bloggers

...they call it "outfit photo"

pero ako, ang tawag ko dito "pa-cute mode" hahaha!


tpos, eto "sapi move" hahaha!
Photos muna for now... To follow na lang po ang mas detailed na nangyari on that special day of my life.

And watch out, may part 3 and 4 pa! Hehe! :)

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