Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We're on our 32nd...and counting!

* 32nd months of being together: May 21, 2011... and more months to come! Yehey! * 

You may notice that I always say this here in my blog- God is ever faithful!- but I will never be tired of saying it because it's always true, He is always faithful!

Thank You dear Lord, for being with us in our journey together in this loving relationship... 
Thank You for the many many things that You are to us... and for loving us first that we are able to love each other!

For this day, no celebration for only the two of us but rather we joined our ministry to our first ever Breakfast Fellowship outreach for the SITEL peeps in Mandaluyong...

Pictures to follow na lang kasi kanina pa ako nagta-try, mga ilang oras na pero ayaw pa rin mag-upload. Tsk.

Anyway, to God be all the glory! :)

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