Monday, May 9, 2011

On preferring His will

To start off with my one week challenge, let me greet all the mothers in the world:

Belated Happy Mother’s Day yesterday!

Specially to all the Single Moms-- you are true heroes!
The Lord is looking after you and your kiddo! :)

I wasn’t able to text every mom that I know because I was watching the Pacquiao and Mosley fight (will post a separate entry on that. Hehe).

Now, allow me to share to you what I learned in my quiet time this morning.
I asked the Lord to change my heart as I’ve been struggling with pride and anger and so He led me to read Ephesians chapter 4... I wish I have the time right now to post everything that He told me but I don’t, I suggest you go read on that chapter and chew on it firsthand na lang, much better yun! Hehe.

What I want to share is short and sweet:

As a believer, it is basic that we know God’s will... Those of which are clearly stated in His revealed will—the Bible. But the question is, do we prefer God’s will all the time?

The underlined question was the question of my mentor (Carol Felipe) to all of us yesterday during our Growth Group Leaders’ training.

After reading Ephesians 4, I prayed to God, asked for forgiveness and cleansing from my sins and plead once more—Lord, I want more of You!

So He led me to read on the next Chapter and His voice became all the more clearer:

“…find out what pleases the Lord.”Ephesians 5:10

I thank and praise Him for meeting me where I am, for meeting the deepest longing of my heart, for dealing with my sin with His righteousness, and for giving me His peace that surpasses all understanding.

The challenge for me is to live out what He just taught me. And I guess posting it here will make me accountable to do so. Do pray for me and with me kapatid.

To God be the glory! :)

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