Thursday, March 10, 2011

To rant or to whine?

I need to focus on work and that is why I couldn't find time to blog.

I just want to share something right now before I go home (my Wednesday shift just ended 21 minutes ago, 6:21 a.m. na eh)...

Last week my Sup called for a meeting to discuss P.I.P. (Performance Improvement Plan) and how it will take effect for this month.  That news triggered a number of violent reactions/reactors.

Our function never had this P.I.P ever but then things change, and they say things change for the better.

I guess, nasanay ang mga tao na "relax" with their stats and in giving their "best" at work, myself included. So here goes the rebuke...

I was about to feel red mad right after I heard my sup mentioned things about it but the Lord reminded me of these:

My 2010 Over-All Rating and Appraisal

And I kind of heard Him tell me this:

I have proven Myself to be faithful to you my child, are going to whine? Don't you trust Me?

And so I stopped and just thanked Him for the blessing that I have this work. be continued...