Friday, March 26, 2010

Our "debut"

March 21, 2010 marked our 18th month together. Yihee! We're just so happy and keep thanking the Lord for His faithfulness to us.

We didn't go out on a date that day since it was also his brother's wedding. He's the best man and I'm one of the bride's maid. Tamang greetings lang kami sa isa't-isa... But I enjoyed our time together and with his whole family.

I have already posted pictures in my multiply account. Here's one of my favorite:

He always does that; I'm so on my "demure-pa-cute" mode tapos sya pampasira at "nasapian" mode. LOL

Anyway, I love you my beloved... 18 months and counting!

Yours truly,


Ms. Law said...

you look so pretty in this pic....mukhang artista :)

Rajsh said...

wow, thanks! =)