Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Know that the Lord is God!

Just want to share this and ask na rin for your prayers... Hehe.

"Know that the LORD, He is God;
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;
We are His people and the sheep of His pasture
-Psalm 100:3 (New King James Version)

I will undergo ultrasound mammotome breast biopsy (see more info below) next week, December 8, 2009 around 2pm.

Do pray for me and with me.

Salamat sa mga naitext ko na previously about this na patuloy ang pananalangin for me.

I'm confident that I will see more of His goodness. Ü

How a Breast Biopsy using the Mammotome® System Works

Here's what you or someone you care about can expect when undergoing a breast biopsy using the MRI, x-ray, or ultrasound Mammotome® System:

Preparation for the procedure
1. Patient positioning depends on the imaging method that is used. Under ultrasound imaging, a doctor will obtain images of the breast tissue while the patient lies on her back. In stereotactic (x-ray) procedures, the patients lie facedown on a special table. The woman's breast protrudes through a hole in the table's surface, where it is lightly compressed and immobilized while a computer produces detailed images of the abnormality. In the case of MRI imaging, the patient lies face down on a breast coil, and the coil is moved inside a magnet for a computer to acquire images.

2. The patient is given a local anesthetic (injection) to minimize any discomfort.
Biopsy Procedure with the Mammotome® System

3. Once the area to be biopsied has been located and mapped, the Mammotome® probe is inserted through a small ¼-inch incision in the breast.

4. When the probe is positioned at the area of concern, it gently vacuums, cuts and removes tissue samples for examination. The samples are passed through the hollow chamber of the probe into a collection chamber. Because the Mammotome® probe is directional, multiple specimens can be collected without having to remove and reinsert the device.

5. To continue to monitor your breast health following a breast biopsy using the Mammotome® system, the doctor may place a small stainless steel marker or a collagen plug with an embedded titanium marker to identify the biopsy site. While this tiny marker is undetectable to the patient, it enables a physician to keep track of an abnormality in future mammograms.

6. The Mammotome® probe is removed after the samples have been collected, and the single incision is closed with a small adhesive bandage.

(taken from: www.breastbiopsy.com )

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Rajsh said...

Been very busy with work and ministry lately... sorry if I have not posted an update regarding this...

Thanks for all those who prayed for me and with me, I'm doing okay naman. Hindi po natuloy ang procedure kasi nag-seizure ako and I passed out nung hiniwaan na ako ng surgeon ko. Di ata umepekto yung 1 shot of anesthesia... at natakot din ata ako. Hehe.

Will be posting about it soon... I'm working on it!

God is good! Ü