Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An old one

But this made me cry... Back when I first read it and today when I read it again...

(I don't know why pero bigla ko na lang naisip na maghalungkat ng mga lumang email).

A part of Mama's email to me - Thursday, 13 January, 2005 7:19 PM

"I'm glad though that I can share my thoughts with you.
(I just don't know if you can fully understand how I
feel.) I thank the Lord for your life and pray that
you will do all you can to seek the Lord so that He
will make your life productive...just as He promised.

There may be things that we don't understand, things
that we don't like to happen to us; yet they're
happening. All these are not hidden from the Lord. I
am confident that He has a higher purpose for allowing
us to go through all of the difficulties we are

Remember I may love you but the Lord loves you more
and He is able to do so much more than I can ever do
or imagine.

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