Friday, May 15, 2009

Let me be...

Naiiyak ako bigla, here goes that "feeling" again... And I hate it, when the enemy do this to me and I react this way. But God remains faithful and true!

At basta, one thing has been made clear to me (as what God impressed upon me)-- I have been so concetrated on other people's weakness's, their disobedience, their lack of faith, and their stubbornness that have frustrated me! And worse, I have found myself committing the same sin I am condemning!

I have shifted my focus away from Him and now it cost me. I am so hurting.

I am happy though, because even if the people around me doesn't seem to know or doesn't seem to understand what's really going on inside me-- He knows it! He feels it, and He is hurting too! And He is the only One who can satisfy me, comfort me and give me peace.

Soon, I will be okay... Let me be emo for now.

Thank You, Lord!

"teach me Your ways so I may know You and continue to find favour with You..." -Exodus 33:13

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