Thursday, April 16, 2009

Follower of Christ?

On April 26, our church will once again offer the class/module "Master's Plan of Discipleship" (Discipleship Training). I was tasked to handle/facilitate it and so I'm inviting you to come and attend the 7 week-every-Sunday-at 11 a.m. equipping class in GCF Ortigas!

Do pray for me as I prepare in advance for the lessons; pray for wisdom, God's grace, strength, complete trust in His power through the Holy Spirit, pray that He will speak to me and through me, pray for a humble heart, a mind captive and obedient to Christ, and that it is His name alone who is (and will always) be magnified.

Pray also for the people that the Lord will prompt and lead to attend the class; preparation of their hearts, minds and whole being and for perfect attendance (since it will be going on for almost 2 months).

All for His glory!

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Rajsh said...

Oh and by the way, this is for FREE!!! Hope to see you there... Ü