Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An open letter for my lovedone

You don't know how much I miss you...
Or I guess you do! Hehe...

I appreciate you travelling every weekend from Baguio to Mandaluyong, really, I do! Although sometime I hate it when you do kasi sobra ka lang napapagod pero ayoko rin naman na hindi because we won't get to see you and be with you. I know and can feel how torn you are between the demands of your husband and your children yet I do not understand how you are able to manage it. I guess, only by God's grace.

I am also longing for that day that we will all be together, as one... One in serving the Lord, serving one another and all!

I am sorry to have bothered you with my text messages last week (and also this week, hehe). But thank you, thank you so much for being the best Mom ever. You are not perfect, and as you have said you still have your misgivings, but I won't ask for anyone else. I am grateful to have you.

I wish you are here... I just miss you!

(Nagp-PMS ata ako! Hahaha!)

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