Tuesday, May 29, 2012

During Mother's Day

Okay, I know this is VERY late... But still, I want to share what transpired during that special day!

Morning- time spent with my Mom, Aque (sister-in-law) and Iya (my niece).  We ate at Shakey's near our house. A short and sweet morning date. After that Mama and I went to GCF to attend the worship service. Here are few photos. Few because of time constraint:

Ma, you're getting old na! Nito ko lang napansin! hehe!
Happy Mother's day Ma!

Aque and her panganay, Iya.

The three of them

Eto talaga ang habol nya this day!
When she arrived, ang bati nya sa akin ay "Peram iPad?"
Sabi ko, "Ayos ka ah! Pwede bang i-kiss mo muna si Tita?" lol!

Adik na oh!

Now here's the four of us!

Salamat sa self timer! :)

Evening- time spent with John's side: Ate Alyna with her sons John and Don, Haji, Ma Edith and we came along with Sai (whom Ate Alynna considers part of the family na. Naks bro!)Here are bunch of photos. Bunch because it was my first time to eat in Sambokojin. Eat-all-you-can! Waaah!!

Mother and Daughter

Hot Mommy!

Say yummy!

Yummy, yummy!

Yum-yum-yum! :)

His eyes is nang-niningning again! Hehe!

Couple shot. Syempre di pwedeng wala. :p

Don, John and their Mom.
Mae is missing. She was in SG at that time.

Isa rin ito, nag-niningning din mga mata dahil sa food! lol

Vanilla and Strawberry flavor. Sarap!

Haji and Alyna

iPad addicts. Here they come...

It's a man's game. Some sort of gladiator theme. I don't like it. Ang brutal eh! Hehe!

Here's us... well, them pala kasi wala ako! :p

More iPad addicts in here.

Oh di ba?

Habang nagpapatunaw daw ng kinain...

Ayan po ang game.

Wala ako

Andito ako!
Hahaha! Magic! :p

Naks, good hit!

And that's all folks!

It was a very special fun and blessed day for me and for sure for the Mothers in my life... Ang dami nila! Hehe! Thank God for this! :)


Maezie said...

Too bad Don and I missed this! We have to go back. Huhu.

Great pictures, BTW!! Yummyyyyy.

Rajsh Sabio said...

Hehe! Oo nga! :)

Rajsh Sabio said...

Thanks pala for appreciating the photos! :) hehehe! Mwuah!

cheese said...

anung game tong nilalaro nila john hehe