Monday, July 30, 2007

Emergency room 2007

It was midnight of my friday shify when i started feeling a pain (some sort of lingering sensation) in my chest... i tried to ignore it & do the "mind over matter" thing. tried to make my self busy with my calls but then, when i took my 1st 15mins break for i could no longer bear it! i asked permission from one of the CAP on the floor that i will go to the clinic at the 27th floor... And I was crying na! haaayyy... I was in panic mode that very moment!

The doctor gave me kremil-s (i forgot what for) then afterwards gave me pain killer. which kind of relieved the pain (as in a bit lang) tpos when she asked me to do the inhale-exhale while she put the stetoscope in my back, she said -- " nagshashallow breathing ka, may kasamang panic..." at syempre, lalao akong nag-panic at naiyak kasi she knows how i feel at ayun nga, hindi tlga nakakatulong ang pag-iyak pag ganung mga instances. around 1am when we decided that i should see the doctor in makati med for further tests kung ano ba tlga yung cause ng pain. ubos na pati yung oxygen sa clinic which could have somewhat helped me pa!

when i got to the ER, darn ang wired tlga ng feeling sa ospital, tpos dun ako sa side wherein the complaints are somewhat "heart" related. the doctor asked me few questions like, how painful the pain is? nagbubuhat ba ako or nag-gygym? when was the last time i had my menstration? am i sure daw ba that it is menstration, na baka daw bunti ako? at this point medyo napikon na ako sa doctor na yun eh! jierra ang lolo mo! hndi ko maintindihan kung harsh lang ba tlga sya or nangche-check it out lang! gusto kong sabihing "bkit gusto mo bang ihampas ko pa sa yo suot-suot kong sanitary napkin para lang maniwala ka na i have my period?" how dare him...


mga more than 1hrs lang cguro ako dun sa ER... the doctor asked the med tech for me to have ECG & thank God it wasn't any hear complications, and good thing that the pain subside when the doctor injected a very strong pain killer...

i got home around 4am, sobrang nahihilo ako! at nanghihina... i just slept until i woke up around noon. i texted my pastors (p.Mau & p.Jon) and asked them to pray for me because i couldn't relax... i was crying not due to any pain pero sobrang nagwoworry ako at naiinis sa sarili ko why it had happened.

there was no one to blame but myself! sobrang kapabayaan sa sarili-- lack of sleep, lack of activities (or excersise in other words) at waaaahhh siguro nga unhealthy ang diet ko!

haaayyy so ayun... emergency room 2007!

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